Written on 28th February 2014

So you've bought the new album? No? Click one of the links up the side and then continue reading below when it lands on your doorstep...


Next, you simply need to download the FREE Aurasma augmented reality app to your smartphone or tablet device, search and follow the Reverend & The Makers channel. Then hold the app's camera mode over the CD album and be amazed as jaw-dropping technology kicks in.

Hold it over the CD cover and watch exclusive video content appear as if by magic. Do the same with the booklet's centre spread and see the brand new music video, 'The Only One'.

Video content will change over time so keep coming back for more. First up is an exclusive acoustic track featuring Jon singing a new song, 'Closest To Your Light'. Enjoy the experience.

So to make that absolutely clear, the bofins have put these instructions together...

1. Buy a physical CD copy of  the album, Thirty Two.

2. Get on Wifi, 3G or 4G to download the FREE Aurasma app to your mobile phone or web tablet. Your device must have a camera feature.  

3. Open the app menu, keyword search for the Reverend & The Makers channel and follow .

4. Return to the app's camera mode, point your device at the CD cover, or centre spread, and watch it come to life. Ensure the entire image fills the app camera view in the clearly marked central target area, is well lit, with no reflections or shadows. Try taking it out of the plastic jewel case to avoid reflections, best viewed straight on. And be patient, it can take a few seconds to activate the first time.

5. When the video plays clock on it twice to fill the screen and you can walk away, watching it play on a loop. Click once on the video to take you to www.reverendmakers.com.

6. Keep checking your CD and other Reverend and the Makers images for more exclusive videos - with updates to follow on the web site and on Twitter @Reverend_Makers 

* You need a good web connection to watch the augmented videos, so use Wifi where possible, as video streaming can use lots of your 3G and 4G data allowance. Get the bill payer's permission and act responsibly.

Written on 26th February 2014


Written on 29th October 2013